POCO F1 Gcam 8.5 Download [ Apk ]

POCO F1 Gcam 8.5 Download [ Apk ]

Hey POCO F1 users hopefully you are doing well so here is new update of Google camera with the version of 8.5 ( Gcam 8.5 )

After so long finally Google is releasing Google camera update 8.5 and today we are installing Gcam 8.5 on POCO F1 device.

Gcam 8.5 Features-

  • HDR+ with Exposure and White Balance Controls-  Take photos in low ligh / in high exposure.
  • Night sight- Night sight mode is perfrect in google camera to capture clean photos in low lighing too. 
  • Slow motion- Capture your moments in slow motion with seamless slow motion in GCam
  • Motion mode- Different modes of video
Gcam 8.5 is faster than the previous versions of Gcams. You can capture faster click. There is bitter improvement in shutter speed so you can click photos little faster.
POCO F1 Gcam 8.5 Download

POCO F1 Gcam 8.5 Install

  • First step is to Download Gcam 8.5 from given link below
  • Now Go to Downloads and tap to install
  • After installation click on done
  • Go and Launch Gcam 8.5

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POCO F1 Gcam 8.5 Download

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