Oppo / Realme New Dialer [ O Dialer 13.1.5 ]

Oppo / Realme New Dialer [ O Dialer ]

O dialer apk download 

Hey Oppo Realme users hope fully you are doing well today we are talking about new Dialer for Realme / Oppo devices called O Dialer.

This Realme / Oppo Dialer supports Android 12 or above.

Talking about latest version of O Dialer with the build number of 13.1.5

O Dialer is powered by Oppo ( ColorOS ) this dialer is availabe to Download and install on playstore.

So this dialer is working on color OS and realme devices,  as you can see in below pictures how it looks the dialer looks completely different and also calling screen is also different. 

As you can see you have to slide up the receive button to attend the call.

Also there is complete new UI on calling screen.  Contacts UI  looks like Google contact UI.

This realme / Oppo dialer is working in beta stage  you can also join beta program for the Early Access of upcoming features.

Most important is that there is no call recording announcement on another side and also there are both options of Call recording like Manually or automatically.


  • new UI 
  • view recent calls
  • organize contacts contacts 
  • call recording  manually or automatic
  • Manage your contacts in one place

O Dialer Bugs-

Major bug facing is there is no ringing for call, hope it will be fixed very soon. ( O Dialer ringtone not working )

Still this dialer is in beta stage or you can say in developing stage So that it may have few bugs if you face any work you can switch to the you are older dialer by uninstalling this dialer.

You can uninstall O Diaeler if you face any other issues.

Oppo ODialer Latest version Download

Oppo  Realme New Dialer [ O Dialer ]

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App Details

App NameODialer
App Size30 MB
Download LinkGiven below

How to Install ODialer on Realme / Oppo

  • Go to below  
  • Click on Download
  • After Download install Dialer
  • Open and allow permissions
  • Set it as defaults
  • Done

Oppo / Realme Dialer Download


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