Best Gcam For POCO F1 

Poco F1 is the one of the best flagship device. Which having the amazing camera module. The camera sensors are used in the Poco F1 device are too good. But you are using a stock camera then definitely you are not using the all power off your camera module in Poco F1. Camera of a Poco F1 is a beast with a Google camera ( Gcam ). 

Here I am going to suggest you one of the best gcam for poco F1. If we compare the stock camera and the Google camera in Poco F1 device that difference is huge. Stock camera will not give you the perfect details in your photos and also it will not go you real colours in your photos.

Stock camera makes your photos little bit expose and make them a soft tone. Obviously this will reduce the photos details but with gcam google camera your Poco F1 performs very good. Google camera will give you perfect details in photos which are actual details and also real colours in photos. Saturation and colour balance are very finely managed in Google camera.

And also I am going to share you the XML file which is I am using for the better output with Google camera you can use this configuration file in your gcam.

Best gcam for poco f1
 POCO F1 Gcam

What are the features 

Portrait mode

Portrait mode will blur your background images.

Camera mode

Camera mode will capture on normal photos without any blur and all.

Night sight 

The night sight is the one of the best feature in google camera. With this mode you can capture a photos in also low light condition and output is very amazing even in low light.

Slow motion 

You can shoot a slow motion video with different FPS.

How To Install

1.) Download the supported GCam APK Download for your Android.

2.) Make sure your smartphone Camera 2 API is enabled.

3.) Once, done, install the apk file.

4.) Enable “Unknown Sources” option.

5.) Finally, Install the apk.

6.) Enjoy Google Camera on your smartphone

How To Blur Video Background

How to use config file in gcam

To use config file in gcam first thing is that you have to install the gcam after that follow the following steps.

– First download the XML file from the given link 

– Now open the file manager and copy that XML file to ” Gcam/config7 “ 

– Now open the Google camera.

Poco F1 gcam
Poco F1 gcam

– Double click on area as shown in screenshot.

– And select the the XML file and tap on restore.

How To Download

Download Gcam Apk
Download Config File

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