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factory test APK 1.5 The Latest version is available to download and install on Android devices. Factory Test application is a unique tool made for Android devices to do an important task. There are such applications like factory tests that can do the same functions the factory Test app is used to test an entire device and its hardware.

This app is mostly useful for those users who are willing to buy a second-hand ( used device ) device. The reason is that this application can detect defects in the hardware or in the software of the device that you are willing to buy.

This application can perform the tests like screen tests, pixel tests, device speaker tests, mic tests, vibration tests and many more operations.

factory test APK 1.5 features

Display test

this test checks whether the device display is working fine or not is it responsible for its colours being accurate and the pixels or other display-related tests.

Camera test

performs the camera test for the front camera and rear camera including high-quality image focus flash functionality and video recording.

Speaker and microphone test

this test is performed to test the speaker quality and microphone quality for calling, audio playback, video recording and voice recording.

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Sensor test

this test includes testing of various sensors in a device such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and light sensor.

Button Test

This process includes testing of physical buttons of the device whether it is working fine or not.

Connectivity Test

It assesses the device’s connectivity features, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and mobile network connectivity.

Battery Test

This test checks the battery’s performance, charging, and capacity to ensure it meets quality standards.

Storage Test

It examines the storage components (e.g., NAND flash memory) for errors and verifies data read/write operations.

Touchscreen Test

This test evaluates the touchscreen’s accuracy and responsiveness to touch and gestures.

Audio Jack Test

It assesses the functionality of the headphone jack and the quality of audio output.

Vibration and Haptic Feedback Test

This test checks the vibration motor and haptic feedback mechanisms for notifications and tactile feedback.

GPS and Location Test

It verifies the accuracy and functionality of the device’s GPS and location-based services.

How to Install Factory Test APK 1.5

  • Go to the link below and Download the Latest version of the Factory Test application
  • Now go to Downloads and install the Factory test app on Android.
  • Open the application and allow all permissions
  • Perform test that you want
  • Done


What is a Factory test?

It is an application used to test device hardware performance and defects.

Is the Factory test app free to use?

This app is free to use.

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