Realme C3 Gcam Android 11

Gcam for android 11- Realme C3 Gcam Android 11

Hey Realme fans, After updating the Realme C3 Device to android 11 the Gcam ( Google camera ) in not working. Even Gcam 7.3 is not working. some version of google camera are not installing and some version of google camera are installing but not opening. Some version installing and even opening but they are crashing after few seconds.

Gcam not working with android 11-

Personally i found this bug in Realme C3 devices with android 11. Before the update for Realme UI 2.0 android 11 the the Gcam was working very fine with Android 10. but now it goes to crash every time.

Gcam not working android 11 fix-

Now how you can fix this issue. You an not directy fix this issue but you can use some working Gcam with android 11. Here i will provide the Google camera apk for android 11 but i am not sure it will work for all devices but you can try once.

The first way to use Gcam with android 11 is use of Gcam Go which works too fine on any version of Android. Gcam cam go 2.5 edition comes with some new feature like HDR, Night sight Etc.

Second way is the older version of Gcam which is working too fine on Realme C3 android 11. Even the slow motion is also working with this Gcam for Realme C3 device.

Gcam Go 2.5 Version-

Gcam Go works on any android version and also on android 11. The new features of Gcam go are intresting like HRD mode, Night sight mode is also there.

Realme C3 Gcam Android 11

Working Features- 
1- Camera Mode
2- Portrait mode
3- Night sight

Gcam For android 11-

You can also try this version of Gcam which is old one but it is working with android 11. The features are like Lens blur, Slow motion, Night sight are working with Realme C3 android 11.

Working Features-

1- Camera Mode
2- Lens Blur
3- Slow motion
4- Night sight

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At this moment there is only this way you can troubleshoot gcam problem. Might be this will be fixed in upcoming update. You can download both Gcam for Android 11 from given Links below. 

Download Link-

Download File

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