Are you looking for Google Dialer call Recording Announcement off? Then you are at right place today we are taking about how to disable Call recording announcements in Google Dialer. This method will work too fine on Realme / Oppo devices.

Google Dialer officially added a Call recording announcement feature in their Dialer application.

Now most of the Realme / Oppo device comes with pre-installed Google Dialer.

Also, there is no Auto call recording in Google Dialer, so this becomes a major reason to fix these issues.

How to Disable Google Dialer Call recording announcement

See if you are thinking to disable the Google dialer call announcement then you are thinking wrong because there is no way to turn it off or disable it.

But one thing that will surely help you is Replacing Google Dialer with Realme / Oppo Dialer.

Realme / Oppo Dialer supports Auto call recording feature and also there is on Call recording announcement.

Realme / Oppo Dialer

Realme / Oppo Dialer supports Call recording ( Manually and auto )

This Dialer also does not having any Call recording announcement issues.

Now if you having Realme / Oppo device then you can install this dialer.

O Dialer for Realme / Oppo

On other side if Realme / Oppo dialer does not work for you then you can also use O Dialer.

O Dialer is latest Dialer by ColorOS for Realme / Oppo devices.

Now O Dialer also having call recording feature ( Auto / Manual )

And also there is no call recording announcement. So you can also use this O Dialer in case Realme / Oppo Dialer does not work for you.

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Note: Now to use Realme / Oppo / O Dialer you need to Replace google Dialer.

How to Replace Google Dialer with Oppo / Realme / O Dialer

Relame / Oppo / O Dialer apk Download

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