How increase RAM in REALME C3 without root

How increase RAM in REALME C3 without root –

Hi friend how are you hope so you are doing very well. Today you are going to discuss how to increase the RAM size of of realme C3 device without root. Realme C3 comes with the 4GB of Ram and 64GB of internal storage. But if you think 4GB RAM is not enough for you then you can increase the size of Ram or expired the size of RAM. This method is basically virtual RAM method simply we are using some slab partition to increase the the size of Ram which will be your virtual Ram. So first let me tell you what is the virtual Ram or swap partition.

How increase RAM in REALME C3 without root

Virtual Ram ? 

Virtual RAM is nothing but the swap partition in this method we are using internal storage of your device as a Ram like if you are device having 4GB of Ram and 64GB of internal storage. If you want to increase RAM size bye 2GB bye then simply create 2GB of partition in your internal storage ( 2 GB of internal storage will be occupied )  which will be used as virtual RAM. 
Now you will have 4GB + 2GB = 6GB of RAM
One thing always remember about virtual Ram they will be used only and only when your physical RAM is overloaded. Means if you are doing heavy work more than 4GB of RAM then only e virtual Ram will be utilised.

Ram expansion feature 

Now there is a new trend for realme it is a Ram expansion feature and for xiaomi it is a RAM fusion technology but ultimately all of these are virtual Ram Technology
All smartphone companies are pushing virtual Ram Technology in their devices.
But it realme C3 device at this moment there is no Ram expansion feature.
But today I will tell you that how you can increase RAM size of realme C3.
Realme C3 Lag problem fix

How increase RAM in REALME C3 without root

  • First you have to download application swap -no root 
  • Now open application and allowed the permissions 
  • Now enter the swap size like 2GB of RAM 
  • Now click on create a swap 
  • Finally you are 2GB of of virtual Ram has been created 
  • If you want to delete this simply click on delete swap.

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How increase RAM in REALME C3 without root
No Root

Download link 



In this way you can increase Realme C3 RAM without ROOT.


1-  Realme c3 ram increase is official ?
Ans- No this is not official.
2- Realme C3 ram increase method requires ROOT ?
Ans- No this method does not require ROOT.
3. Will REALME C3 get RAM expansion Feature officially ?
Ans – This is not official but yes.

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