How to insert table in blogger

Hey Bloggers how are you ?

Today I am going to share with you that how to add table in blogger. So this is method does not require any coding skill.

Table of content-

1. What is need of table in Blogger ?
2. Table in Blogger help in SEO ?
3. Is Table in bogger responsive ?
4. How to insert table in blogger ?

What is need of table in blog ?

The need of table in blogger is to make professional to your post and also after using the table in blogger it can reduce the blunce rate of your site.

Table in Blogger helps in SEO ?

Yes in some times, Because it becomes very systematic and nit to represent. so thats why on some site you have seen the schema data is extracted from the post Table. So it helps in SEO too.

Is Table in Blogger responsive ?

Yes the table we are using is responsive with all devices and it has to be responsive. Systematic and nit look is very inmportant in your post so if the table is not responsive then it will not proper. So do not worry this table is responsive in blogger.

How to insert Table in Blogger ?

Now this is the final step to do here.

  1. Well first you have to create table with HTML. so visit to the Link given blow.
  2. Now use the Header if you want and if you do not want then just untick the Header option.
  3. Now select the Rows and Columns size ( etc – 2×2, 2×4)
  4. Now scroll down and insert the data in Table.
  5. After inserting the data now you have to scroll down.
  6. After scrolling down copy all the HTML data which is generated.
  7. Now go to the blogger 
  8. Edit post 
  9. Edit with HTML
  10. And paste the code where you want
  11. And done your table is inserted.
how to insert table in blogger

Site Link is below

HTML Table generator

How To add Download Timer in Blogger

Download Timer in blogger increases the earning and also helps to increase the ranking of you blog post. User will spend more time on your post which will increase the engagement rate of post and will bost the ranking of blog post.


How to Add Download timer in blog post

steps are very simple you can see below video or follow the steps given below

  • Download the timer code given below
  • write your blog post and open it in HTML view
  • Now paste the code where you want to insert the Download timer
  • Now find ” DOWNLOAD LINK ” line in HTML code and replace this line with your Download link
  • And thats it

Download Code

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