How to create table in Blogger post

Hi, Blogger users If you are searching for How to create a table in a Blogger post then you are at the right place here is the complete tutorial to add a responsive table in a blogger post. The table in the contents makes posts more organized and readable. Now in WordPress, there is an inbuild feature to add a table in the post but in the case of bloggers there is no such inbuild feature nor there is any plugin.

So here is the complete tutorial to add a simple and responsive table to a blog post.

So actually there are lots of websites at generate tables in HTML format and that HTML code can be inserted in blogger posts. But today I am showing you one of the best and easiest table generator tools for bloggers.

So before starting the post let’s see what is important about the table in a blog post?

What is the need of a Table in Blog post?

so tables are easily readable format and users get more engaged with the article it is an effective way to present data and increase the understanding ability of readers.

the table has a row and column format which makes it easily reliable and increases the analyzing ability of the reader.

How to add a Table in a Blog Post?

To add the table in the blogger post we have to use HTML code because there is no plugins or any inbuild feature in the blogger. The table which you are creating must be responsive to all types of displays.

  • Go to the HTML Table Generator
  • Untick Header, Stiped table, and Hover Rows options ( To avoid additional CSS )
  • Now adjust rows and columns
  • Start writing data in the table
  • Now copy the HTML Table Generator Generated Code
  • Go to Blogger
  • Switch To HTML view
  • Paste code where you want to add table
  • Done
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