How to create Table of Content in Blogger | Blogger Table of content

How to create Table of Content in Blogger
Table of content is very usefull for Blogger also for wordpress users. Now it is very easy to create Table of Content in wordpress by using plugins but there is no plugin options for Blogger. But you can create table of content in Blogger also.

1. What is table of content

Table of content is also known as TOC. Table of content is usually used to organize and list the headings of your content. TOC helps users to overview the artical.

2. How to create table of content in Blogger

  • First thing is that you have to use code to create the layout of TOI. The code link is given below
  • Copy the given code
  • open post in HTML view
  • paste code where you want to use TOC
  • Switch to compose view
  • Now add your content in TOC

For detailed information watch video below

3. Table of content Code download


Adsense Low Value Content issue Fix

If You are blogger and you are facing ussue like Low value content then read this post carefully and apply all the methods mentioned below

1. what is Low value content in adsense ?
2. How to fix Low value content ?

Low value content in adsense

This is the most common replay from the google to the new bloggers let me explain why this issue is facing to you.
Google is getting strict day by day for the quality content. Your content must be unique, No copied, no thin. Following are the main reason behind the low value content issue.

Copied content
Post lenght is less
Minimum post on blog

How to check your content is unique or not ?
Copy paste content will not work for adsense approval. You must have to write unique content. Simply way to check that your content is unique or not is just copy your artical and paste in the website bot given below.

Step 1- Got to website given below
step 2- Copy your post and paste it in websitebox
step 3- Click on Plagiarism Checker

website link

Check Post Length

Less word count is also the another reason behind the Low value content issue.
If you want Adsense approval in less posts then try to write more content in each post. 
At least try too write more than 1000 words of length of each post before applying to Adsense.
30 + Post and each post with 1000 + words worked for me to get adsense approval.

To check you content length you can use the website mentioned below-

  • Go to the website from the link- Website Link
  • Now copy your post content 
  • paste it to the website box
  • Now website will show you the word count and characters count. 

Keyword Research tool for FREE

Keyword reaearch before the writing artical is very important. Ahref tool Free version is enough too find keyword and its volume,KD.

  • Go to the link given below to Free version Ahref tool.
  • Enter your keword.
  • Select country in which you want to rank your post.
  • Click on I Am not robot.
  • Here is all keywords related to your keyword.
  • You can see keyword KD and Keyword volume.
  • Now get ready your post with rich keywords.
Free Ahref keyword tool Link 
Adsense Friendly Theme For Blogger

Theme is very important to rank your blog and get approval from Adsense. Blogger theme must have minimal look and fast to load. If you are using heavy theme then it will also take time to load its blog post and you knowif your blog post speed is slow then you start deranking.
So here is the minimal and fast theme for blogger that you must try once.

Adsense Friendly Theme For Blogger Preview

Adsense Friendly Theme For Blogger

Downlaod Theme

How to Add Like Button in Blogger Post

Like and Dislike button in blog post looks very attractive and it also helps to increase the engagement of users with the post. So here how you can add the Like dislike Button to blogger-

  • First step is to write your post
  • Now download the .txt fine given below
  • Open fine and copy the whole code
  • Again open your post in blogger
  • After that switch to the HTML View
  • Go to bottom of post
  • And paste the code which you have copied
  • Save post and view in new tab
  • Your like and dislike button is live in you post

Download Like button code

Free Keyword Research tool for Blogging

The tool that I am going to suggest you today is SEMScoop – Free Keyword tool. This tool will show you the KD, Search volume, and CPC of Keyword. 

Free keyword research tool
Free keyword research tool

Free Keyword Research tool Link – Tool

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