How to Enable and Downlaod Omoji for Realme Devices

How to Enable and Downlaod Omoji for Realme Devices

Download and enable omoji in Realme

Enable Omoji in Realme devices is easy now. Realme is providing the Omoji to Realme devices to personalize there device. Here i going to share you that how you can download and install Omoji feature in you realme device. First make sure that you device is having alway on display feature.

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enable omoji in Realme

enable omoji in Realme

Omoji Feature in Realme devices

This feature was introduced by Iphone but now you Realme also providing this feature to theire users. Omoji feature will work on devices which are having alway on display support.

How to enable Omoji feature in Realme

  • To enable omoji in realme devices you have to download omoji apk from the link given below. After downloading you have to install this APK
  • Now go to settings
  • Personalisation ( Find omoji )
  • Always on display
  • Select omoji ( You can also customize it )
  • Apply to screen

Download omoji apk


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