How to get paid off YouTube

How to get paid off YouTube ? There are lots of way to get paid of Youtube. Youtube is the product of google and google paid off to youtuber for showing ads on their videos. But this is not the only one way to earn money from youtube.

There are also some other ways to earn money from youtube. You can earn lots of money from Youtube.

How to get paid of Youtube

Ways to get paid off Youtube –

1. YTPP ( YouTube Partner Program )

2. Sponsorships

3. Affilate Program 

4. Super Chat

5. Redirect Audiance to Blog/Website

YTPP ( YouTube Partner Program )

YTPP ( YouTube Partner Program ) is the first way to start earning from Youtube.  To be a part of YTPP you have to complete certain criteria. If you want to earn money on youtube by showing ads on your video then you have to complete 4000 hr of watch time and 1000 subscriber.

After that you are eligible for YTPP and after complete Monetization You can start earning from Youtube.


When you having certain audiance then you can get the sponsors from the brands. If you having good audiance engagement them brands will come to you. 

In sponsorship you can earn more that Youtube adsense earning but it depends upon brand with whom you are working.

But for sponsorship you must have strong base of audiance.

Affilate Program 

Affilate Program is also great idea to earn money from youtube. When your audiance will buy product from your best buy link then you will get paid. 

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Affilate Program having a specific percentage comission. This is also great money earning idea from youtube. 

encourage audiance to buy product from your link and get paid off.

Super Chat

If you are streamer then Super Chat is blessing for you.

While streaming turn on the Super Chat feature option. Your fans will do superchat money to you if they love your content. If you having huge fan base then super chat earing is also huge.

Redirect Audiance to Blog/Website

This money earning method from youtube i personally use. If you are running youtube channel then you should have Blog/Website aslo.
Redirect you Youtube audiance to Blog/Website and 2X your Earning. But Your blog/website must be monetized first. Encorage your audiance to visit your website/Blog.


You can earn lots of money from single youtube channel by using these methods But you must have audiance. And in this way you can get paid off from youtube in 2021.

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