How to unlock iphone with face id without swiping up

Unlock Iphone with face id without swipping up

Yes you can unlock iphone wihtout swipping up this is quite easy you have to just do some settings in your Iphone.

Iphone comes with lots of feature which are differernt than android and yes, it becomes littel hard to move from android to Iphone. Android having some advanced and automated features. Ok now lets move to the main topic how to unlock iphone without swipe up

Enable Face ID in Iphone

How to unlock Iphone with Face ID without swipe up

Now the real game starts from here. Now what we have to do just use back double tap feature to unlock your device instead of swipe up. ( hope you got the main trick now ) 

” Now when your device unlock with Face ID then just Double Tap on Back of you device and boom your device is unlocked without swipping up. “

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