POCO F1 Slow Motion Not Working Fix !

Hey POCO F1 Users,
POCO F1 slow motion is not working after update of MIUI 12. This is due to the application called MI Video is banned in India so thats why the slow motion is not wowrking in POCO F1 Device after MIUI 12 Update. Here is the way how you can by pass this problem.

POCO F1 Slow Motion Not Working Fix

Table of Content

  1. POCO F1 Slow Motion Issue
  2. How to fix
  3. Methods to fix

            – Change the Region

            – Use Gallery Services APK
  4. Download Link

POCO F1 Slow Motion Issue

Slow motion is POCO F1 after MIUI 12 is not working due to MI video banned after the MIUI 12 update in india. So you can shoot slow motion video with POCO F1 but you can not play it.
Now there are two methods to fix the slow motion not working issue with POCO F1
1. Change the region 
2. Use the gallery service APK

How to fix POCO F1 Slow motion not working ?

– As i told you ! You have to use the Gallery service apk or change the Region of your device.
– If you change the Region of the device then there will be some additional application installed on your device which are available on respective region server.
– Next thing is that theme store issue ! You will have the themes on device which are available on India server of theme store.
– The second method is better in which you do not have to change the region of your device simply install the gallery APK given below and enjoy !

Methods to Fix Slow motion Issue in  POCO F1-

1. Change the region
You have to change the region of your device to the indonesia.
Cause the MI video application is working too fine with the indonesia server.

Go to settings > Additional Settings > Region > Indonesia

2. Use gallery service app
Simply download and install the gallery service application in your device and enjoy the slow motion.

Note: You can any method of mentioned but remember if you are chnaging the region of device it leads to install the some indonesia server’s application on your device. you can also unistall theme.

Downlaod Link 

Download Link is given below

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