Realme Always on Display apk download and install step by step.

Hey Realme / Oppo users hope you are doing well today we are talking about how to enable Always on Display ( AOD ) in your device.

Here are two conditions like in the first condition your device supports always on display and in the second condition your device does not supports always on display.

Now for first condition you can you official Realme AOD app update link is given below.

Realme UI 4.0 Always on Display apk

But for second condition you have to use third-party application to enable always on display.

How to enable Realme always on display ( if supported )

How to enable Realme always on Display ( If not supported )

To do this on non supported devices you need to download third-party application from google play store which will allow you to set AOD skin on lokcscreen.

Note: using any third-party application can cause battery drain so try on your comfort.



How do I turn on AOD on realme?

1. Go to settings
2. scroll down to homescreen settings
3. click on it and find always on display
4. Choose always on display and done.

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