Realme C3 phone manager 8.7.0 download

 Realme C3 phone manager 8.7.0 download

Realme started rooling out system apps update to realme devices. and here is the update of Realme C3 phone manager.

The latest phone manager update 8.7.0 for Realme UI 2.0 devices. Realme phone manager update comes with some new features like virus scan, clean up storage, privacy permissions Virus scan, Payment protection, Apps to update, Diagnostics etc.

This update works only one Realme UI 2.0 android 11 based Devices.

This is the official app update by realme rolling out for realme UI 2.0 devies Realme phone manager 8.7.0

what are the fearures

There are some new features in phone manager 8.7.0 update

  • Cleanup storage
  • Privacy permissions
  • Virus scan
  • Payment protection
  • Manage apps
  • Diagnostics

Clean up storage

This is very usefull feature by using this feature you can clean the trash from internal storage. Like cache files, junk files, Broken files, Temp files. This will optimise your storage And you can easily clean up your storage.

Privacy permission

Privacy permission is the most important feature in realme devices which basically controls the privacy of your device. Just like ok what permissions are given to the specific application is it secure and which permission should be allowed to the specific application. This feature will control the all the privacy permissions.

Virus scan

Virus scan using new feature added in in phone manager application the main use of this feature is to scan the your entire device and find out is there any virus can you Trojan any Malware in your device. So there are new viruses new malwares that’s why it is recommended update phone manager application on time because latest update of the phone manager application knows the information about latest viruses and malware. 

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Payment protection 

Now a days there are a lots of scammers for your payments so the payment protection is the first priority. Realme phone manager application bring new feature which is payment protection. Basically when you are doing any payment it will log all the data like your location your device info and all things to stay away from scammers. Payment protection feature will enable automatically every time when you do any payment.


Diagnostic is the new feature in realme phone manager application your entire device will be scared even your hardware functionality, software functionality this all functions will be scaned in Diagnostic feature.
Realme phone manager 8.7.0 download
Phone manager 8.7.0

How to install realme phone manager 8.7.0

  • Download the phone manager 8.7.0 from given link below. 
  • Install application normally. 
  • If you found app not installed error then simply uninstall the old version of phone manager application.
Note: This is the official phone manager 8.7.0 apk which is extracted from the realme device

Download link

Phone manager 8.7.0 download

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