Realme C3 RAM Expansion Feature ?

 Realme C3 RAM Expansion Feature ?

Realme C3 RAM Expansion –

Realme started pushing the RAM expansion feature with software update some of Realme Devices and Oppo devices are having this feature right now. In this post I am going to tell you how you can enable this feature in REALME C3. 

What is RAM expansion 

Virual RAM is not the new concept for us it is old concept. Virtual Ram is the ram which is used on the demand of Physical RAM. Let me explain if your device is having 4GB of RAM and you are playing heavy games on the whole 4GB is occupied in game that means you do not have enough RAM now.

Then and Then only your Virtual RAM is going to be used to run the other apps. That means first priority is to physical Ram if you are Physical RAM is occupied then and then only virtual Ram will be used to fulfill the RAM space. Ram expansion or virtual Ram is nothing but swap partition.

How to enable ram expansion in realme C3

As I told you this feature is available in only few devices with the name of dynamic Ram expansion. At this moment this feature is not officially released for realme C3. But we can create a virtual RAM by using RAM Expander applications. Just follow the Following steps –

Steps to follow

  1. First download SWAP- No Root app from below link
  2. Open app and enter RAM size like 1024 MB, 2048 MB
  3. Click on Create swap partition
  4. And done your virtual RAM is ready to use
  5. If you want to remove created swap click on Remove swap partition
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1. Is this official update of RAM Expansion ?
Ans- No this is not official.

2. Will Realme C3 get official RAM expansion feature ?
Ans-  it is not confirmed officially yet.

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