Realme C3 Slow Charging Issue Fix- 5 Tips to fix Slow charging in Realme

 Realme C3 Slow Charging Issue Fix- 5 Tips to fix Slow charging in Realme

Hello Realme users, If you having Realme C3 Device ( any realme device ) in and if it is facing charging issue then read this post completely. I will show you Best 5 tips fix to the slow charging in Realme Devices.

Realme C3 Slow Charging Issue Fix

Realme C3 having huge battery of 5000 mAH. But day by day your deviceis getting old and then you face slow charging issue in Realme Devices. There are some reason of slow charging issue and surely you can fix them by some steps.

Realme Slow charging-

1. Slow charging in Realme devices is moslty due to using unbranded charger or cable.
2. Second reason is using original but defected charger or usb cable.
3. Third reason is using lots of background process while charging.

How to fix Realme Slow charging Issue-

Tip 1 :
Make sure you are usnig original adapter of realme which was provided along with your device.

Tip 2 :
Make sure you are using original usb cable which was provided along with your device.

Tip 3 :
Measure the output of your adapter and usb cable with application ampere
If your adapter output show results of 1500 – 2000 mA then your device will charge fast and healthy.
But if your adapter output is less than 1000 mA then surely you are using wrong adapter/cable.

Tip 4: 
Kill all the backgroung application before plugging your device to charge. Backgroung process consumes the battery that results in slow charging. 

Tip 5:
The tip 3 is most effetive. But here is on more bonus tip- use flight mode while charging your device. These tricks will surely help you to fix slow charging in Realme Deices.

Note: If your device battey is defected then even god can not help you. Replace your battery first.

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