Realme c31 Launcher apk [ Download ]

Realme c31 Launcher apk [ Download ]

Realme c31 Launcher apk 

Realme C31 is budget friendly device. This device comes with R edition which is lite version of Realme UI.

But R edition does not supports Realme UI applications. Applications like Game space , Phone manager , and even our Realme launcher. Yes you heard right that Realme Launcher does not works with Realme C31 device.

So what is by pass for it ( Try another launcher like mint launcher )


What is mint launcher ?

This is launcher app crerated by Xioami and this supports all devices.

The major features of this launcher is that this launcher is completely ads free and lite to use.

Free to use , smooth and faster.

on other side you can try POCO Launcher

What is POCO Launcher ?

POCO Launcher is launcher created by Xiaomi and this launcher is also free to us and supports all devices.

As same mint launcher POCO launcher is also ads free launcher.

Also it is fast and smooth to use ( You can try to use animations for better experience )

How to install Launcher in Realme C31 

  • First step Download Launcher from link below
  • Now install Launcher
  • after installation open launcher
  • Set it as default launcher ( For better experience )
  • Now allow all the permissions
  • Done it is Ready to use

Mint Launcher Download


POCO Launcher Download



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