Realme C33 Ram Expansion Feature Enable

Realme is emerging smartphone brand that always focus on quality product ay low cost. Realme is rolling out new update to Mid range devices like Realme C33.

As realme promise to peovide best experience to users. Here is new feature for Realme C33 device which is RAM expansion feature.

What is Realme RAM Expansion feature ?

RAM Expansion feature is not a new technology. Few years back we were using this technology in rooted devices on and now day smartphones companies providing it inbuilt. So basically using RAM expansion feature you can expand you device RAM like from 6 GB to 8 GB ( 4 GB + 2 GB ). 

In this feature your device internal storage will be used as RAM ( virtual RAM ).

Virtual RAM is being used only when your physical RAM is over loaded.

Thats what is Realme RAM expansion and how it works.

How to enable Realme C33 RAM expansion feature 

Now this feature is officially available for Realme c33 device. You have to just update your device to latest version with build number RMX3524_12_A.65

This latest update is rolling out to Realme C33 devices. 

After successfully updating your device follow steps given below 

Realme C33 A.65 update Change log

  • Security 
Integrates the November 2022 Android security patch. Network
Fixes an issue that causes Wi-Fi and personal hotspot not to work occasionally. 
  • System
Adds a RAM expansion feature Settings – About device – RAM
Fixes an issue that causes no sound occasionally when playing videos on some third-party apps.

Does Realme C33 support 5G network ?

No Realme C33 device does not support 5G network. This device supports 4G.

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