Realme C55 Hidden apps not showing ? Then here is the complete solution for it. Actually after the newer update of the Realme C55 device its hidden apps setting not working. So today we are solving the issue.


Realme C55 device latest update A.47 which is based on Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 has been rolled out completely. But after the latest update users are not able to access hidden apps section.

Not this problem is suddenly facing after the latest month security patch and along with Realme C55 device, Realme 8 5g device also facing same issue. It is much simple to solve this issue just follow the below steps.

Realme C55 Hidden apps Setting

As we know that Realme provides dial code system to hide application. This hide app feature is too unique which offered by Realme. Now here is how to setup hide apps settings in Realme C55 and how to access hidden apps in Realme C55.

How to hide apps in Realme C55

To hide an app in Realme C55 you have to set a code for it ( Follow below steps )

How to Access hidden app in Realme C55

How to Unhide app in Realme C55

Realme C55 Hidden apps not showing

If you are not able to access hidden apps on Realme C55 device then just follow below steps-

Ok now this is happening due to an outdated launcher on Realme C55 device. With the latest version of OS update, you also have to always keep all the system apps up to date.

Here is video tutorial for you

Video Tutorial

App Details

App NameRealme Launcher
SupportRealme UI
Size36 MB
Download linkDownload Now


Realme C55 latest update version ?

Realme C55 latest update version is A.47

Can we hide apps in Realme C55 ?

Yes, as mentioned above.

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