Realme Game space Voice changer APK ? 

Realme game space voice changer APK ? This is the new new update of realme game space 4.5.29. And what are the new features in this update is there Voice Changer working ? Is there 4D vibration is working ? We are going to discuss everything so so let’s get started.

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So this is the game space update 4.5.29 which is the latest update of game space if you talk about the system requirement which is your device must have to be upgraded on the Realme UI 2.0 android 11. 

Now is there Voice Changer is working in this game space update ? The answer is NO. For Indian users at this moment game space voice changer is not working or this feature is not for indian user. Like this the 4D vibration feature also so is not available in this update. 

For Indian users I would like to suggest you use DU screen Recorder as a voice changer yes this application suppose the voice changer feature. 

Note: Voice changer feature is available in Chinese Region only, so if you are trying to use a Chinese ROM then I also this feature will not work in you are device. 
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Realme game space 4.5.29 

Realme game space 4.5.29 is the the most stable version of game space this may have the less bugs and more stability. 
As I told you this will work only on realme UI 2.0 devices which are upgraded to Android 11. 

Realme game space 4.5.29 features 

1. In this update you will found Three Types of of game modes 
  • Power saving mode 
  • Balanced mode 
  • Pro gamer mode
2. There is also game assist which is very useful while gaming. 
3. Optimisation in game performance 
All the game modes having their own role
Power saving mode- this mode will consume less battery due to low active cores and due to this also there will be e lag in performance. 
Balance Mode- this mode will be balance the better use and also giving performance you will get better battery backup and also so better gaming performance. 
Pro gamer mode- pro gamer mode is made for those who loves extreme gaming performance with HD graphics and high FPS. But the drawback of this game mode is it will consume more battery due to more active cores. 
I would like to suggest you go with balanced mode cause it will not drain much battery and also will give you the better gaming performance.


Realme Game space Voice changer APK

Realme Game space Voice changer APK


  • Device must have to upgraded to Realme UI 2.0 Android 11

Tested on device

  • Realme C3
  • Realme 3 Pro


  • Download APK from the link given below.
  • Enable ” Install from unknown source “ option from setting > security > additional settings > privacy.
  • Install the downloaded APK.

Download Link

Realme Game space 4.5.29 Apk


  • Is there voice changer option in this games space update ? 
Ans- No there is no voice changer option in this game space update. 
  • It is there 4D vibration feature in this game space update ? 
Ans- no there is no 4D vibration feature in this gamespace update. 
  • Can I enable voice changer feature ? 
Ans- no you cannot enable this feature is only available for china region.

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