Realme GT Master Edition Gcam 8.2 Download

Realme GT Master Edition is one of the best powerfull device. The camera module used in Realme GT Master Edition is also beast. Now the basic difference between the stock camera and Gcam is the photo details. Photo details in Google camera is alway better than stock camera.
In case of realme GT Master edition the camera output looks too vibrant and unreal ( With stock camera). Thats why i prefer to use Google camera insted of Stock camera.
The below picture is captured with Realme GT Master edition with stock camera which looking too vibrant but the same picture you can see below which is captured with Google camera. Its looking natural color. 

Realme GT Master Edition Gcam
Stock Camera

Realme GT Master Edition Gcam
Gcam 8.2 camera

Here I am sharing Gcam 8.2 for Realme GT Master Edition.

Gcam 8.2 for Realme GT Master Edition

Realme Gt master edition is Camera2 API Enabled device so there is no issue with Google camera while using. Here is latest Gcam 8.2 works too fine on Realme GT Master Edition.
All features of Gcam 8.2 are working even slow motion and night sight is also working.

Gcam 8.2 Working Features

1. Camera Mode
2. Portrait Mode
3. Video Mode
4. Night sight
5. Slow motion
6. Time lap
7. Video stabilization

Gcam Config file

You can use the XML config file for better output

1. First download the config file given below
2. Now go to the file manager and create new folder with the name of Gcam 
3. Now go to the Gcam folder and create folder configs 7
4. Now copy and paste the config file which you have downloaded to Gcam > Configs 7 ( Here ).
5. Now go to the Google camera and double tap on the black blank area just next to the shutter button. 
6. Now you will get popup in which you have to select the config file which you have placed just. 
7. Select file and restore it. 
8. And here is your config file is completely loaded. 
9. Now reboot the Google camera and it’s ready to use now.

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1. First you have to download the APK from the given link below. 
2. Now go to the setting and enable the install package from unknown sources. 
3. Now go to the downloaded APK and install it. 
4. Now you can restore the config file as mentioned above.

Gcam 8.2 download 


In this way you can download the Google camera for the realme GT master edition device and this is working to fine the Google camera we are in using is gcam 8.2 v version.

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