Realme / Oppo devices latest Dialer update is here for Android 13 devices ( Realme UI 4.0 / ColorOS 13 )


Realme / Oppo Dialer is a custom Dialer by ColorOS that brings a bunch of advanced features as compared to Google Dialer. Dialer Phone app 4.5.19 is the latest version of Dialer update, available to Download and install.

So in today’s article, we are discussing about Realme Dialer 4.5.19 for Android 13 devices.

What is the Realme Dialer?

It is a powerful custom Dialer for Realme / Oppo devices and it is designed to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for managing contacts, making calls, and organizing communication effectively.

Features like auto call recording is working on Realme Dialer . ( Which is missing on Google Dialer )

Features of the Realme Dialer 4.5.19 for Android 13

Call Recording: Call recording auto and manual both are available in Realme Dialer 4.5.19, call recording can be extremely useful

Smart Dialing: the Realme Dialer introduces smart dialing, a feature that predicts the contact you intend to call based on the numbers you enter.

Disable ” Your call is being recorded “: Your call is being recorded – call recording announcement is disabled in Realme / Oppo Dialer 4.5.19 version

App Details

App NameRealme / Oppo Dialer
SupportsRealme UI / ColorOS
Download linkDownload

Realme / Oppo Dialer 4.5.19 Download


1. How can I download and install the Realme Dialer on my smartphone?

You need to Dowload latest version of Relame Dialer first from here – Download

3. Does Realme Dialer having call recording feature?

Yes, Realme Dialer having auto call recording as well as manual call recording.


In this way you can download Realme / Oppo dialer latest version and install on supported devices, also enable all useful features in Realme / Oppo Dialer

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