Realme / Oppo / Oneplus Clock App ( New UI )

Realme / Oppo / Oneplus Clock App ( New UI )

Clock app update for Realme / Oppo and oneplus devces.

Hey Realme / Oppo / Oneplus users hope you are doing well today we are talking about new update of Clock app for Realme / Oppo and oneplus devices.

Oneplus brings all new UI to clock app as you can see in below screenshot. Clock new update comes with version 13.4.4 for oneplus devices but as you know almost all Oneplus apps works in Realme and Oppo devices. Here are few features of Clock app are mentioned below.

Realme / Oppo / Oneplus Clock App
  • Alarm: You can set multiple alarms.
  • World clock: You can add and view the time in different cities around the world.
  • Stopwatch: You can use the stopwatch to time events or activities.
  • Timer: You can set a countdown timer for tasks or events.
  • New UI: All fresh new UI for better users experience.

App Details


App NameClock
SupportsAndroid 9 and later
Download LinkGiven Below

Clock Download link



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