Realme UI 4.0 Dialer apk New update [ Latest ]

Hey Realme users hope you are doing well today we are talking about Realme UI 4.0 Dialer new update.

Realme is always up to date about application updates here is new update of Realme Dialer for Realme / Oppo devices.

Realme UI 4.0 is based on Android 13 so this Dialer update is for Android 13 users if you want Realme Dialer for Android 12 devices then check below link.

Realme Dialer apk for Realme UI 3.0 Android 12

As you know Google dialer comes with few drawbacks like no auto call recording , Call recording warning / announcement.

But on other hands Realme / Oppo dialer comes with features like Auto call recording, No call recording announcement and better UI than Google Dialer.

Due to this reason most of the users switching to Realme / Oppo stock dialer.

This is the latest update with the build version of v13.6.6

How to install Realme UI 4.0 Dialer update

App Details:

App Name – Realme / Oppo Dialer
Version – v13.6.6
Supported – Realme UI 4.0 / ColorOS 13
Download Link – Given Below

Realme UI 4.0 Dialer apk update Download





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