Shelf App Not working in Realme C55

If you are searching for a Shelf App Not working in Realme C55 then you are at the right place here is the complete solution to it.

Realme C55 is budget friendly device that comes with Realme UI 4.0 OS update and is also eligible for Realme UI 5.0 Android 14 update.

The latest devices of Realme come with Realme Shelf features on the home screen and today we are enabling Realme shelf features on Realme C55 devices.

What is Realme shelf features?

Realme shelf feature works as a Realme assistant with its all-new features like quick access and attractive features. Now few features are given below that users can use on the Realme shelf app-

  • Recorder
  • Step tracker
  • Popular apps
  • Sporting events
  • Notes
  • Clock
  • Photos
  • Phone manager
  • Spotify

How to Enable Realme Shelf

  • First, you need to Download and install Realme Shelf apk from link given below
  • Install Shelf app
  • Go to the device home screen
  • Pinch and go to the launcher setting.
  • Scroll down and find ” Swipe down on Home screen
  • Here select shelf app
  • Done
  • Go to Home screen and swipe down to access shelf app

Realme C55 shelf app not working

In few devices like Realme c55 and Realme N55 shelf app does not work so for that device you need to download Realme launcher and Realme shelf app from below link and then install and activate it.

  • Go to below link and Download launcher and shelf app
  • Install both apps
  • Follow above steps and activate shelf app
  • Done

App Details

App NameRealme Shelf
Download linkGiven Below

Realme Shelf Download

Realme Launcher

Realme shelf

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