Snapchat Camera on lock screen of OPPO devices with ColorOS 14 with the new features Exclusively for OPPO devices. Here is the brand new feature for Oppo devices with the colour OS 14 update now users can add a Snapchat camera on the lock screen. So that you don’t need to unlock your device to open Snapchat users can directly open Snapchat camera from lock screen.

ColourOS 14 updates are officially rolling out now with this update oppo brings all new features and customizations.

So Snapchat camera on the lock screen will allow users to easily access to Snapchat camera to become more efficient.

OPPO Lockscreen Snapchat camera enable

Now this feature is introduced with colour OS 14 update which is the latest update based on Android 14 for Oppo devices. So here are the below steps to enable Snapchat cameras on the lock screen of Oppo devices.

ColorOS 14 beta update for these devices


In this way with the latest update of colour OS 14, oppo user scan enjoy the latest feature.

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