Vivo Dialer change code is used to change or switch between Dialer on Vivo devices.

Hey, Vivo users hope you are doing well today we are talking about what is Vivo Dialer Change code and how to use this code.

Many of users use Vivo Dialer because it offers most of the advanced features on another side few of vivo users uses Google Dialer on vivo device.

If you have installed two Dialers on a Vivo device and want to switch Dialer / Contact app, then you have to enter a specific Code on Vivo devices. That code will allow you to change the alternative dialer app on Vivo devices.

Vivo Dialer Introduction

Vivo Dialer is a custom Dialer offered by Vivo that brings all-new features, New UI, and many more things to do.

Here are a few features of Vivo Dialer and also download like is provided

Vivo Dialer Change Code

Vivo Dialer Latest Version Download

Google Dialer latest version Download

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