What is Realme ORoaming ? How to use ORoaming ? ( Realme / Oppo ORoaming )

Hey, Realme / Oppo users hope you are doing well so have you ever seen the ORoaming feature is Realme / Oppo smartphones? Have you ever thought about what is Realme / Oppo ORoaming? Have you ever thought about How to use Realme / Oppo ORoaming?

So today I am going to explain to you ORoaming in a very simple way.

OK, So the ORoaming feature is for those users who love to travel to different countries.

Let me explain to you with an example suppose you are traveling to China and once you reach China.

You found that our Indian SIM card does not work here so now how you can use internet service.

Here Realme ORoaming starts working with seamless use.

Realme ORoaming allows users to use connectivity in other countries without having SIM Card ( Local network is used ).

Yes, you do not need to install a SIM card into your devices and that’s why this feature is so useful. 1

But for this user need to purchase an internet plan from the ORoaming app and need to activate it.

How to use Realme ORoaming

  • Go to ORoaming application
  • Select the Country which you are traveling
  • Now select the plan which is perfect for your use
  • Check plan details and also check package is applicable or not in the city where you want to travel
  • Buy package
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How to Activate ORoaming

  • After purchasing plan
  • Go to ORoaming orders list
  • Find your order
  • Click on Activate
  • Done

Note: Do not activate the plan before arriving to the destination, once you reach to destination you can activate plan.

Read before buying plan

  • If its package not activated, it will expire 30 days after purchase and a refund will be issued.
  • No network connection is required for activation
  • Some areas have poor network coverage, and the speed may be less than 3/4G


ORoaming package name


How do I turn off roaming on Realme?

– Go Settings
– SIM Card and Network settings
– Click on operator
– Find ORoaming
– Turn or off

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